5 Point Checklist for Online Success

#1. Brand

A unique and memorable logo design, representing a business philosophy, products and services.

#5. Analyze

Use Analytics data to create a successful marketing strategy, increasing Website visits while reducing budget.

#4. Connect

Through customer testimonials, social networking and public events, connect with target audience.

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#2. Get Online

A Website may be the first impression people have of a company – make sure Web design is done right!

#3. Promote

Maintain visibility through branded newsletters and print items, such as buisness cards, postcards and flyers.

Logo Design – Print Design – Web Design

Know your Audience

To sustain a successful online presence you have to know what your typical visitor is looking for, who your ideal customer is and what their potential value is – short and long term. So spending as little as possible on branding, Web design and print marketing in the beginning ironically turns into spending a lot later because other businesses have been competing for the same customers.

Beat the 8-second Rule

Want to make a good impression? As the digital world creates more distractions, the human attention span decreases. A user-friendly Web design, a visible purpose and fresh content, can significantly increase the value of your Website, making it ‘sticky’ to first time visitors. These potential customers are more likely to browse content or click on links that ultimately define the purpose of having a Website.

Dont’ get Passed By

Because online advertising is ruled by search engines, poor Web design layout and no search engine optimization is much like a billboard on a lonely stretch of road – visitors & search engines just pass it by.

Is your online presence already behind the curve? Creative Marketing for Print & Web can push your business ahead of the competition!

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