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Collateral Design & Copywriting

Design to Print - Business Cards to Brochures

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Grab their attention

From business cards to T-shirts

You have only seconds to get someone's attention, so why not make the most of it? Whether you need to hand out business cards or brochures, coffee mugs or t-shirts, I can give your message a better chance at competing with a reader's more important obligations.

My Collateral Design & Copywriting process includes vibrant professional-grade graphic design, print-ready images and easy-to-read font types. Get eye-catching collateral that makes everyone aware of your Website, physical store or event, instead of the nearest trash can.

The Correct Steps to Brand your Business

Step #1

Logo Design

Step #2

Web Design

Step #3

Collateral Design

Your Business Cards hard at work

cheap business cards, temecula, riverside, murrieta, round corners

because even the smallest investment should yield a huge return.

As shown - 2" x 3.5" horizontal, full-color, high gloss UV / matte finish, rounded corners, 100 cards $30 delivered (not including one-time design & layout fee)

brochure design and business card design, temecula, murrieta, riverside

Marketing collateral is the printed material you pass out to inform potential customers about your business. Basically anything with your company logo on it. Even in a digital communication age there's no substitute for the tactile feel of business cards and brochures, which deliver your message without pop-ups or animations.

Your message has challenges to overcome, like the every day obligations in a reader's life - if you deliver something overwhelming or confusing, they'll throw it away. To increase your collateral potential, I design attention-grabbing and readable advertising that has a greater chance of surviving the trash can.

brochure design and business card design, temecula, murrieta, riverside
brochure design and business card design, temecula, murrieta, riverside

Whether it's graphic design, Web design or copywriting, I subscribe to a proven marketing philosophy; less equals more - helping you deliver a compelling message without cramming thousands of words between tiny margins.

Design. Print. Deliver.

The DIY in you hopes to turn some text and images into the ultimate sales-generating flyer or brochure. If it was that easy though, thousands of advertising agencies would close their doors, permanently.

Give me your copy and I'll handle the creative stuff (graphic design and page layout) so you can focus on managing your business.

  • Graphic Design specific to your industry.
  • Attention-grabbing Copywriting.
  • Font choices that engage instead of overwhelm.
  • Page Layout that flows.
  • An overall philosophy of less equals more
  • Printing & Delivery - just let me know when and where!

From business cards to brochures, roll labels to T-shirts, I can help you bring awareness to your brand.

Design, printing and delivery - all from one place!

Collateral Design frequently asked questions

  • My partner and I need business cards - how much to design both?

    Thanks for asking! Each unique card design is $65, which is a one-time fee - when re-ordering the same card, you only pay the printing and delivery fees.

    The few times I get push-back regarding this fee is because the person asking ("why so much?") doesn't realize quite a bit of creative work goes into even business card design. No graphic artist will work an hour or more on print advertising (something distributed to generate revenue) for just the price of the paper. Someone like me has to create 2 unique files per card (front & back) that won't get rejected by the print shop for typical DIY issues:

    • Wrong dimensions.
    • Color space RGB instead of CMYK.
    • Spot color not properly defined.
    • Information or graphics trimmed off because of incorrect margins.
    • Print resolution too low, typically less than 300 PPI (not to be confused with DPI, which is a print shop's responsibility).
    • Not enough bleed to allow artwork to extend past the paper edge.
    • Fonts not outlined.
    • And my favorite fav - typos!

    Just one sale from your first business card order is a huge return on such a minimal investment (design, layout, paper quality, printing).

  • If I order today, how long before I get my brochures?

    Delivery of print materials can be 5 - 10 business days after approval of the design. Depending on the print item (business cards, brochures, booklets, t-shirts, etc.) times can vary - booklets for example, will take longer than business cards because of the additional folding and binding process.

    I always suggest planning a month ahead for any print project.

  • Do you print too?

    I do not print, but I have a partnership with a trade-only print shop, which allows me to pass on significant savings to my clients. For example, 100 full-color business cards with gloss UV coating is almost 20% less than non-trade printers like Vista Print. No overhead and no TV advertising to pay for!

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