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Meet your new Sales Team

Sales collateral, which could be a business card, brochure, flyer or postcard, is essentially your sales team. You distribute these items to keep potential customers informed about your solutions to their everyday problems.

Not unlike their Human counterparts, your sales collateral is challenged to not be sloppy or take too long to attract attention. Otherwise it fails at its primary job - generating a sales lead!

My Collateral Design & Copywriting process gives your 'sales team' the creative spark it needs to get everyone excited about finding your Website, physical store or event.

brochure design and business card design, temecula, murrieta, riverside

Sales collateral is all that printed stuff you pass out to potential customers. Basically anything with your logo on it. Even in a digital communication age there's no substitute for the tactile feel of business cards and brochures, which deliver your message without pop-ups or animations.

Your message has challenges to overcome, like the every day obligations in a reader's life - if you deliver something overwhelming or confusing, they'll throw it away. To increase your collateral potential, I design attention-grabbing and readable advertising that has a greater chance of surviving the trash can.

brochure design and business card design, temecula, murrieta, riverside
brochure design and business card design, temecula, murrieta, riverside

Whether it's graphic design, Web design or copywriting, I subscribe to a proven marketing philosophy; less equals more - helping you deliver a compelling message without cramming thousands of words between tiny margins.

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