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A Great Domain name

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Why do I need a domain name?

Getting online with your own Website can't happen without first registering a domain name. This is the equivalent of a street address for your home - without it, people will never find you.

Domain "names" as we see them now were created about 1985 to help Humans navigate the Web. Before then we used numerical addresses like "," and remembering all those numbers was kind of difficult. 

What is a domain name?

A domain name is made of two parts; the name plus an extension. For example,

[5pointdigital] + [com] =

The name portion can be anything; an acronym, a personal name, even an abbreviation. Ideally it should be memorable, so a little testing among friends and family might be a good idea. Once your domain is registered, it's yours for the term you chose; 1 - 10 years.

For the extension part, you have a lot of unique choices. Right now there are several hundred TLD (top level domain) extensions to choose from. So if for example, you're a business owner specializing in computer and phone repair, something like "" might be better than ""
web design, domain registration

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