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Pistol Packin'
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Cupcakes by Casey
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Sabbath Day Ranch
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Pack n Ship
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Shannon's Coffee
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5 Steps to a Great Brand Image

Graphic Design is visually communicating a message using fonts, photos and/or illustrations. For that 'message' to be an effective marketing tool, the graphic artist must be passionate about the project. And the client must be patient as concepts are created.

  • 1. Submit a project request here or call me direct at 951-291-1627.
  • 2. We talk about your industry, business history, services and any ideas you might have.
  • 3. I only offer two Logo Design Plans; simple and complex, based on how much detail your design requires - anything more is just smoke and mirrors from someone who specializes in confusing potential clients.
  • 4. After payment is received, I send you log-in credentials to my Project Portal. This is where clients provide feedback, access project files and check on the progress of their project.
  • 5. The design process is typically complete within 3 business days. Keep in mind, feedback plays a huge role in how long before a project is complete - I wait for your review of the design, and you wait for me to make changes.

And this is how we finish it up

After you approve a Logo Design concept, I send you files that are important to your business branding, and that you are not likely to get from a "$99 logo design" Website or your local office supply store.

You get your logo in different file formats - the source EPS file, a PNG file and a PDF version. EPS and PDF are primarily used by print shops, and can only be manipulated using vector-based software. The PNG file, which is for Web usage only, is at a fixed dimension you and I agreed on during the design process.

You get a legally binding Copyright Release. Don't be fooled - without this document, you do not own the body of work that is a Logo Design. The very action of designing something unique means the creator (that would be me) owns copyright to that work, except of course in the case of theft or plagiarism.

Rightfully every graphic artist should, as part of finalizing a project, provide a copyright release to their paying client. Sadly though thousands of business owners will realize too late how 'cheap' logo design unwittingly equalled not having legal usage rights to that design. And it only gets worse if their business becomes successful while using the design and the owner (graphic artist) rightfully and legally demands compensation.

logo design process tv

Your new logo

let's put it on a lot of stuff!

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Designing an Effective Logo

The fine details make a huge difference
logo coffee, food, design process

Shannon's Coffee Shop Logo Design

  • "Shannon" is an Irish name, so an appropriate font style is used for the title.
  • A somewhat 'relaxed' font style is used for the location and tag line.
  • The wisp from the cup forms an "S" and adds separation between the store name and location.

South Gate Pack n Ship Logo Design

  • The mascot is designed to look friendly and professional - ball cap and shirt are branded, and let's even make the boots appear shiney.
  • Each parcel is branded with an affiliated shipping company logo.
  • A 'global' element is placed behind the mascot to emphasize world-wide shipping.
logo shipping, postal, design process
logo sushi, restaurant, design process

Sushi Unwrapped Logo Design

  • Asian font style is used to set the tone.
  • The food elements are drawn to look like the real food stuff.
  • The overall logo design is circular to fit on custom placemats.