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Logo Design.

There's more to it than design

Logo Design is the first step in any business-building strategy because it forms the foundation for marketing every product and service.

logo design wacom, temecula, riverside, fallbrook, san diego, murrieta

A real custom logo design drawn using a Wacom tablet

Imagine giving your business card or brochure to a potential customer. Imagine the logo design on that sales collateral is generic clip-art. Now imagine the thoughts that potential customer might have after you're gone, specifically about how legitimate and trustworthy your company is.

The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your Website, packaging and sales collateral - all of which should integrate your logo - should communicate your brand. - Entrepreneur

Everything that represents your company, from sales collateral to a Website, will be branded with your logo design. My challenge as a graphic artist is to ensure my artwork not only embodies your company values, but is based on proven marketing principles.

  • Memorable - unique enough to be easily recognized in an ocean of competition.
  • Meaningful - improves the company's legitimacy by representing its values.
  • Protectable - trademark and/or service mark ready.
  • Adaptable - useful across all product/service categories.

While no one should expect you to write a big corporation check for Logo Design right out the gate, going cheap will surely give potential customers the impression you didn't put much effort into any other part of your business.


Is your Logo Design giving the impression your company is treading water?

Let's Talk!

logo design woman t-shirt, riverside, murrieta, fallbrook, san diego, temecula

Custom branding on women's apparel

Logo Design price

How much will this cost me?

A non-tanbigle service like graphic design is difficult for me to quote without specifics - guessing/forecasting the scope of work for this type of project can turn out really bad for both sides. A client on the other hand, may have difficulty bridging the gap between how much they want to spend and how much they should spend on logo design.

Realizing people still want to know something, I listed three distint client types below, and the fees they typically pay based on who they hire.

Ready to find out how much your logo design project will cost? Just ask - I'll send you a link to my logo design questionnaire, which will help both of us understand the scope of what you need.

Low budget, hobby business

Small business

Corporate, Fortune 500
fiverr bad logo design, cheap logo design, fallbrook, riverside, murrieta, temecula, san diego

Cost of doing business...

  • Logo making software: $10 - $75
  • Logo template: $15 - $150
  • Logo design contest: $25 - $200

Going this route is risky - there is no research or marketing, the key elements that ensure a design can compete in a saturated market. The 'designer' loves it, but it likely won't resonate with a target audience.

This pizza design is from a random logo contest portfolio, where the client pays $35, the contest Website gets $7, PayPal gets $1.32, $2.54 goes to taxes and the artist gets $24.15.

custom logo design, mascot logo design, fallbrook, riverside, murrieta, temecula, san diego

The cost of doing business...

  • Offshore graphic artist: $50 - $200
  • Beginner graphic artist: $100 - $400
  • Experienced graphic artist: $300 - $3,000

Collaborating with someone out of country is risky - no recourse if they disappear, no phone conversations, no research. An experienced graphic artist utilizes a questionnaire, does industry research, provides concepts and marketing advice.

This design is from a client project. I took the time to ensure it is easily recognizable even when modified while still representing the business as reputable, clean and trustworthy.

trademarked logo design, registered logo design, fallbrook, riverside, murrieta, temecula, san diego

The cost of doing business...

  • Branding agency: $50,000 – $100,000
  • Advertising agency: $100,000 - 1,000,000

Businesses in this range realize their logo has achieved brand recognition status. People trust it so much, it sells everything.

Because their brand is so prominent, an entire team of graphic artist and marketing experts are assigned to every project.

Harely Davidson, HBO, Heineken and BET are registered logos of their respective companies.

logo design prices, how much for logo design murrieta, riverside, temecula, fallbrook, san diego




  • Concept x 2
  • First concept - 3 business days (2)
  • Sales Collateral design + $195
  • Think Pepsi or Microsoft. The creativity for this logo design style is focused on the font. Brand recognition improves if associated with a catchy business name.
logo design prices, how much for logo design riverside, temecula, fallbrook, san diego, murrieta




  • Concept x 2
  • First concept - 2 business day (2)
  • Sales Collateral design + $195
  • Also referred to as a seal or crest, this logo design style is probably the oldest. It usually consist of text within a symbolic design. Conveys tradition, commitment, dignity.
logo design mascot, logo design prices, how much for logo design temecula, fallbrook, san diego, murrieta, riverside




  • Concept x 2
  • First concept - 2 business days (2)
  • Sales Collateral design + $195
  • Humans are attracted to faces, so this logo design style should convey a positive or trusting feeling. Unlike other styles, this can be effectively modified for holidays or events.

The Correct Steps to Brand your Business

Building a Brand.

Begins with building a relationship.

  • Dave wasn't the first choice but he was the only one that called me, instead of just answering my email. I needed our team logo fixed, so I sent him what I had, which was a pretty faded image. Not only did he quickly clean it up but he modified it 3 ways for our baseball caps, uniforms and Website. The camo version was the best!

    Hiring Dave was a home run!

  • Great service, extremely fast turn around, and did a great job of communicating with us every step of the way. I can and will recommend him to anyone needing [logo] design services.

  • Dave did great by us. The first draft wasn't quite to our liking, but as he explained, this sometimes happens. And it took a while only because we were very particular about how the logo should look - very prominent. All done it looks great on our cottage line of products and business cards!

  • I hired Dave for a quick logo repair project, and he did a great job. He gave me just what I needed – a few improved versions of our existing logo – and with a quick turnaround. I would definitely consider hiring him again.

  • Dave is a true professional. When selecting a new graphic artist to design artwork and logos for our various campaigns and advertisements he stood head and shoulders above the others in the vetting process. We have been thrilled with his ability to take a stick figure art concept and turn it into dollars for our company.

    We are a little hard to deal with and can be demanding at times in order to meet deadlines, but we will continue to use Dave for all our needs as long as he will have us.

    Dave has never let us down. 11 stars out of 10.

  • I really set my expectations low because going into this I was thinking just some swirly lines and text. Or maybe just text. But the retro tv design, with so much detail down to the numbers on the dials, and then the slogan - my mind blown! Really awesome job man!!!

logo design tv murrieta riverside temecula

product packaging

Getting your idea ready to sell
logo design temecula, riverside, murrieta, pizza logo

Something you absolutely will not get with cheap logo design, is packaging concepts and product renderings. This not only saves thousands of dollars on prototyping, it ensures you get the best Logo Design for your long-term branding and marketing strategy.

Let's talk

Right now is the best time for that (un) solvable problem or over-the-top idea
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