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Logo Design.

There's more to it than design.

Logo Design is the first step in any business-building strategy because it forms the foundation for marketing every product and service.

logo design amazon, business branding evolution

The evolution of Amazon's iconic A-Z logo design

Without strong branding, your Website and Marketing Collateral don't have a recognizable identity.

The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your Website, packaging and promotional materials - all of which should integrate your logo - communicate your brand. - Entrepreneur

As a graphic artist with a marketing and branding background, my job is to deliver a logo design that satisfies every business branding principle.

  • Memorable - easily recognized in an ocean of competition.
  • Meaningful - improves the company's legitimacy.
  • Protectable - can be trademarked and/or service marked.
  • Adaptable - useful across all product/service categories.

While no one should expect you to write a big corporation check for Logo Design right out the gate, going cheap will surely give potential customers the impression you didn't put much effort into any other part of your business.

Add your Logo Design to...

logo design, graphic design, san diego, murrieta, riverside, temecula

The Correct Steps to Brand your Business

Building a Brand.

Begins with building a relationship.

  • Dave wasn't the first choice but he was the only one that called me, instead of just answering my email. I needed our team logo fixed, so I sent him what I had, which was a pretty faded image. Not only did he quickly clean it up but he modified it 3 ways for our baseball caps, uniforms and Website. The camo version was the best!

    Hiring Dave was a home run!

  • Great service, extremely fast turn around, and did a great job of communicating with us every step of the way. I can and will recommend him to anyone needing [logo] design services.

  • Dave did great by us. The first draft wasn't quite to our liking, but as he explained, this sometimes happens. And it took a while only because we were very particular about how the logo should look - very prominent. All done it looks great on our cottage line of products and business cards!

  • I hired Dave for a quick logo repair project, and he did a great job. He gave me just what I needed – a few improved versions of our existing logo – and with a quick turnaround. I would definitely consider hiring him again.

  • Dave is a true professional. When selecting a new graphic artist to design artwork and logos for our various campaigns and advertisements he stood head and shoulders above the others in the vetting process. We have been thrilled with his ability to take a stick figure art concept and turn it into dollars for our company.

    We are a little hard to deal with and can be demanding at times in order to meet deadlines, but we will continue to use Dave for all our needs as long as he will have us.

    Dave has never let us down. 11 stars out of 10.

  • I really set my expectations low because going into this I was thinking just some swirly lines and text. Or maybe just text. But the retro tv design, with so much detail down to the numbers on the dials, and then the slogan - my mind blown! Really awesome job man!!!

logo design tv murrieta riverside temecula

Logo Design process

Step 1 - Communicate

The most important step in any design process; Logo, Web or Print, is asking questions!

  • What are your services and/or products?
  • What design style works best for your brand?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • When do you need the project completed?

After I accept your project request, you will get a link to my Logo Design Questionnaire. When completed, this becomes our Logo Design 'blueprint' or guide moving forward.

logo design questionnaire, murrieta, temecula, riverside

Step 2 - Create

logo design proof sheet, murrieta, temecula, san diego

This is when we get down and dirty with that first concept.

While my ultimate goal is to create a visual design that communicates your business brand, the first concept you receive is just a best guess. Some clients understandably get frustrated, not realizing I am drawing in the dark until the creative juices start flowing.

As a client, you let me know what works and what doesn't, then I fine tune a revision for your review. If nothing works, I create a second concept, allowing us another round of presentation and feedback.

Step 3 - Complete

At this stage I create file types for Web and print usage. The packaged file also includes a Logo Design Copyright Transfer. And if by this time you cannot answer "Yes" to all of these questions, I did a really bad job:

  • Is the design unique and well-crafted?
  • Does this design express the specific feeling/vibe of my company?
  • Will the design leave potential customers with a positive impression?
  • Is this design versatile enough to be effective at every level of my marketing strategy?
  • Did I receive file types for Web and print usage?
logo design steps, riverside, temecula, san diego
logo design temecula, riverside, murrieta, pizza logo

In most cases my logo design process includes packaging concepts and product renderings based on how you complete your logo design questionnaire. All this 'extra' work not only saves you thousands of dollars on prototyping, it ensures you get the best Logo Design for your long-term branding and marketing strategy.

Logo Design frequently asked questions

  • When do you begin work on my Logo Design?

    Super quick! After I receive payment, I send you a link to my Logo Design Questionnaire - the more information you provide, the sooner I can complete your project. I may need to clarify a few of your answers, so expect me to start work on your new Logo Design no later than 1 business day after your questionnaire is finalized.

  • How long before I see something (a concept)?

    Most clearly defined or "simple" designs are available within 1 business day, and you will receive notification by e-mail.

    If I believe your project requires a greater amount of feedback and review, I will send you log-in credentials to my Client Portal.

  • What files do I get when my Logo Design is finished?
    logo design logo repair, murrieta, riverside, temecula

    By default, you receive a single ZIP file - a highly compressed archive containing other file types, which can be decompressed using free software such as, 7-Zip or WinZip. Inside the archive are your final logo design files (may differ by project type) and a signed Copyright Transfer statement.

    To make their usage easier to understand, I rated these file types for Web and Print usage - on a rough scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the best.

    • PNG (portable network graphics) - 8 for Web usage with logos and line-art graphics. This file type supports transparency, and depending on your design, the background may be transparent. 2 for Print usage as it does not support print-ready color spaces, such as CMYK.
    • JPEG or JPG (joint photographic experts group) - 8 for Web usage with photographic designs. This file type does not support transparency and is 2 for Print usage as image data compression may cause artifacts around edges.
    • EPS (encapsulated postscript) - 0 for Web usage and 10 for Print usage. This is the gold-standard source file for almost all logo designs as it can be used to create all other file types. Excellent for print, as it is infinitely scalable, meaning a postage size logo will look exactly the same quality as a banner on the side of a building.

    Occasionally I get a request for AI (Illustrator), TIFF, PSD (Photoshop) and SVG (scalable vector graphics). AI and PSD are my layered and notated artwork files, which I rarely share. No client has ever asked for a TIFF version of their logo, likely because it is only used in photographic projects, such as headshots and print layouts (magazine, poster, banner, etc.). There is a process to create SVG files, and they are available for a nominal fee.

  • Looking at my Logo files, the colors in some images are slightly different - what gives?

    Graphic design is a complicated discipline, which can make understanding the whole color thing quite confusing. You were given files for print usage and files for Web usage, and print colors will appear slightly different than colors displayed by a computer monitor.

    • For two computer monitors to display colors exactly the same, both must be color-calibrated.
    • RGB (red, green, blue) is a color model for Web usage only. So, your "web-use-only" files should never be sent to a print shop.
    • CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and PMS spot (Pantone Matching System) are color models for print only. So your "print-use-only" files should never be used for Web-based projects.
    • To better understand these color models, think of RGB (an additive color model) as a computer monitor, which displays light. Think of CMYK and PMS (subtractive color models) as paper, which absorbs light.
    • I start all logo design projects in CMYK, then convert to RGB as needed.
  • Should I copyright my new logo?

    There are some significant differences between copyright, trademark and registration - too much in fact for me to describe here. In short, you want to trademark your new logo design if it will be used for branding products.

    After you approve your logo design, I provide you with a ZIP file containing your final logo design files and a signed copyright transfer. The copyright transfer gives you sole ownership of the design, and can help expedite trademarking your new logo should you decide to go this more formal (and expensive) route.

    This is where most people that use logo design contest Websites get in trouble months or years later. Many of these Websites are able to churn out artwork for pennies, not just because hundreds of people compete for the same design, but because two key components are not provided - real-time communication with the client and a copyright transfer document. There's just not enough resources to provide that kind of personal service, and most clients just assume they own the new design. The United States Copyright Office, and a lawyer hired by that graphic artist, might disagree.

  • I've seen other websites offer unlimited revisions. Do you?

    Beware of the "unlimited revisions" pitch - obviously this kind of advertising is eye-catching, but it will likely lead to 'unlimited' frustration and it's just disingenuous. A skilled graphic artist should understand your needs after only a few revisions, so there's no need to suck you in beforehand with unreasonable expectations.

    Concept versus Revision - concept is a unique design, and revision is a minor change to a concept. Concept falls under not liking the overall look of a design, while revision is a minor change to a concept, such as "I love the design, but I don't like the (font style or color)."

    I limit each logo design project to 3 concepts with 3 revisions per concept. I also provide several Logo Design guides, a logo design questionnaire and years of experience to ensure your logo design is completed sooner than a quest for unlimited revisions.

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