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Logo Design & Branding

Working with you from Start to Finish

Logotypes have been used to mark documents since 2300 BC!

Source: Wikipedia Graphic Mark or Emblem

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logo design and branding

Logo Design.

There's more to it than design.

Creating a visually effective brand element includes complex tasks of which graphic design is only a small part. One of those task is ensuring your new logo design satisfies some simple, but important, criteria.

  • Memorable - easily recognized in an ocean of competition.
  • Meaningful - helps the business appear legitimate.
  • Protectable - can be trademarked and or service marked.
  • Adaptable - useful across all product/service categories.
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My logo design process continues with providing concepts based on how you completed my logo design questionnaire. If necessary I also provide packaging concepts and product renderings. All this 'extra' work ensures the best Logo Design fits into your long-term branding and marketing strategy.

Building a Brand.

Begins with building a relationship.

"Hey Dale, how are ya?"

"Good morning Dave. How are you?"

"Excited to start your project. After looking over your logo design questionnaire, I thought it best to clarify some stuff."

"Yeah I couldn't answer some of those questions, this is my first time with something like this."

"No problem at all. So you specialize in television calibration, that's very cool. And you have the name, but what about a slogan - did you give that any more thought?"

"I didn't. But since you're the expert, I'm really hoping you have some suggestions."

"Well actually, I do..."

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Logo Design in 3 steps

Step 1 - Communicate

The most important step in any Logo Design process is questions!

  • What are your services and/or products?
  • What style design works best for your brand?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • When do you need the project completed?

These are taken from my online Logo Design questionnaire that goes a bit more in depth. Take your time answering the other questions because once completed, we have a 'blueprint' to help us move forward.

logo design step 1

Step 2 - Create

logo design step 2

This is when we get down and dirty with that first concept.

While my ultimate goal is to create a visual design that will communicate your business brand, this first concept is just a best guess. Some clients understandably get frustrated, not realizing I am drawing in the dark until we get some creative juices flowing.

As a client, you let me know what font styles, colors and elements work for you, then I fine tune a revision for your review. If nothing works, I create another concept that affords us another round of presentation and feedback.

Step 3 - Complete

The final stage includes file types for Web and print usage, and a Logo Design Copyright Release. And if you cannot answer "Yes" to all of these, I did a really bad job:

  • Is the design unique and well-crafted?
  • Does this design express the specific feeling/vibe of my company?
  • Will the design leave potential customers with a positive impression?
  • Is this design versatile enough to be effective at every level of my marketing strategy?
  • Did I receive file types for Web and print usage?
  • Do I own this Logo Design - did I get a signed Copyright Release?
logo design step 3

Let's Get Started!

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