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2,773 U.S. adults surveyed about the device they most often use to make an online purchase - marketing land

A Smarter approach to Web Design

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For any business type, this is how our Web Design begins...

Let's Talk
A dentist will never work on your teeth without first asking, "What's bothering you?" And no Website Developer should be able to deliver an effective online presence for your business without asking about your company and its target audience. A phone conversation helps me understand your Website needs.
Concept Presentation
I create a static Web page based on our initial conversation. This working concept allows you to visualize what the finished product could look like. You provide feedback and I offer suggestions, and the process continues until you are happy with the layout.
I don't use e-mail for creative projects; Web Design or otherwise. It's too clunky, and if just one more person gets involved, the project quickly turns into "When did you send it?" To that end, I set up a private client project section on my Website that allows everyone involved to provide feedback and monitor progress.
Content Creation
Using your assets, I create page content that is sensible and appealing enough to convert clicks into sales leads. Keep in mind, content creation is not the same as copywriting.
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...and this is how our Web Design finishes.

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Make it Mobile-Friendly
Most people on Earth have at least one smartphone they use to find services just like yours. As such, all your Web pages are configured to properly display on any device.
Domain Name registration
Your business has an address. Your Website needs one too. Request my help and together we will register a really cool TLD (top level domain) to make your online branding truly unique.
Web Hosting
Don't know a lot about Web hosting? You're not alone. And some unscrupulous Web person might take your money, dump your Website on a very busy shared hosting plan, and you're none the wiser. I ask enough questions from the start to recommend a hosting platform that can sustain your online presence for years to come, not months.
E-Mail Marketing
Let's do something with those incoming sales leads. Ask me about adding an e-mail newsletter component to your new Website and start marketing your services and products with no monthly fees.


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