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.05 seconds, blink of the eye, snap of a finger...for visitors to form an opinion about your Website.

Source: Taylor & Francis You have 50 milliseconds

Don't Get a Website. Get an awesome Website!

Built to look right on

Your new logo design, which is the foundation for your branding and advertising, is done! You might be thinking about slapping it on business cards or brochures, but you need a professionally built Website before passing out marketing material. And as competition grows exponentially, you will lean on that Website more and more to tell potential customers, "Check out my stuff - it's better!"

If you're considering a DIY Website design or overused template, don't - both are pretty easy to spot and can quickly make a first impression a last impression. My Website Design solution will be 100% unique - stand out in a crowd of copycats - and will be easier to manage as your business grows.

Designing, Building, Hosting, Naming it...
Let's talk about your new Website!
website design murrieta riverside temecula

Smart Website Design in 4-steps

web design process first step, temecula, riverside, murrieta

1. Discover

Let's talk!

This first and most important step helps me learn about your business and how a Website will support it. We'll also talk about domain names and Web hosting.

web design process second step, temecula, riverside, murrieta

2. Design

Concept & Feedback

This step is when you get to see proof-of-concept, which may be an illustration or a single-page version of the Website. Wrap our eyeballs around it then tell me what you do and don't like.

web design process third step, temecula, riverside, murrieta

3. Develop

A better mouse trap

During this step I build a functional Website, let you interact with it as a visitor might, then I make adjustments based on your feedback.

Rinse and repeat.

web design process last step, temecula, riverside, murrieta

4. Deploy

Start Selling!

This is the final step, deployment. Your new Website is live, and after a quick tutorial on how to add content, you can start selling some stuff!

Too busy to manage your Website content?
I'm here to help.

The Correct Steps to Brand your Business

Delivering Super Fast page load times

I deliver performance-based Websites, because page load time is just as important as displaying relevant content. This is the fastest way to get visitors to the information they want, helping your Website convert those clicks into sales. In contrast, a slower performing Website is more likely to frustrate visitors, causing them to "bounce" - visit a Website once and never return.

A one-second delay in page load time has been shown to cause a 7 percent loss in conversion and 11 percent fewer page views. For a Website earning $50,000 a day, that adds up to more than $1 million in lost sales each year! - PR Newswire

Already have a Website? If you paid a Web designer for performance that is not close to the example below, your Website is not likely converting clicks into sales. It's more likely delivering a steadily declining customer experience.

page load time, website performance, maintenance, murrieta, temecula, riverside

Tested using a 5/1 Mbps broadband connection from a Dallas-based server. Load time of 2.8s using a mobile connection.

Helping you convert visitors into buyers

FACT: how your Website design can make or break your online business - a frustrating experience for visitors almost guarantees no sales. Better Website design equals a better conversion rate, which equals a lot more sales.

These are some features & services I provide that will significantly improve your new Website's conversion rate...

Easy to Use

Ever used LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Word? Then adding content to your new Website will be super easy.

Type some text, drop-in a photo or two, even a video using a toolbar layout you're already familiar with.

Unlimited Content

"Need more than 4 pages? New pages start at $100..."
Yup, some Web designers charge a fee if you want to add more pages to your Website!

I design & code database-driven Websites from scratch. This means you can add pages any time you want, with no additional fees.

Contact Form


A carefully thought-out contact form should be the backbone of your Website marketing - this is where sales leads are born!

But don't overwhelm every visitor with every question - ask logic-based fields, which will improve your user experience by requesting only relevant information.

Website Hosting

I'm not a Web host provider, but I have enough experience to talk clients through hosting choices (shared, VPS, private, etc.) and options (e-mail, storage, bandwidth, etc.) to ensure a stable Website environment for years to come.



Today’s online shoppers have very high expectations of the customer experience, so it's critical not to present them with something clunky and frustrating.

I helped clients successfully sell a handful of items to tens of thousands using management tools for inventory, sales tax, shipping rates, product variants and more.

Google Map


Adding a map to your Website not only does the obvious; helps potential customers find your physical store, but adds legitimacy and becomes an attention-grabbing element on that page.

E-mail Marketing


What will you do with that solid sales lead from your contact form? Add that person to your newsletter subscription list!

Ask me about adding an e-mail marketing component to your Website - manage your list, send newsletters, all from your Website. No third-party app, no additional fees.



Adding a Google map, phone number and company info to your Website are great ways to start a reputation-building strategy. Another component that increases credibility is Testimonials, by showing potential customers how effective and reliable your products and services are.

Responsive Design

As of 2018, non-responsive Websites are penalized by search engines, meaning they now rank far lower in search indexes. And this is why I build every Website as responsive so it appears correctly on any device; desktop, tablet or smartphone.

As mobile usage grows, this just makes sense.

website design, free website builder bad for business

Your business deserves better than a free Website builder ad pinned to the top of 'your' pages.

Web Design frequently asked questions

  • What exactly does "page load time" mean and why should I care?

    Essentially, this is the time it takes your Web browser to request content from a remote Web server, that server to process your request, send that data to your Web browser to process the response, then fully render the page. An illustration might be more effective than fifty words:

    Websites I typically see with performance issues, are those using a template - these bloated, mostly finished Websites are coded and designed by Website developers to appeal to a wide range of customers, then sold for about $50 - $150 per Web address. Unfortunately, all the bloat that makes the site look awesome has a nasty side-effect of significantly increasing page load times. I see some upwards of 25 seconds before fully loaded!

    Web designers who then sell these templates to their clients typically push the slick layouts, talking up all the 'whiz-bang' features, instead of delivering a useful and performance-based product. Streamlining a Website for performance takes time and knowledge, and when charging $500 - $1000 per Web design project, the extra effort probably isn't worth it. The unaware client never realizes their Website is dropping visitors every day, which translates into lost sales forever.

    Search engines don't care how slick a Website looks. Fast page load times and relevant content ranks Websites higher in search results.

  • How much does a Website cost?

    Short answer: "how much" depends on so many factors, it should be impossible for anyone to declare in one sentence, "Your new Website will cost this much..." Seriously though, if you went car shopping and the sales person threw out a price immediately after introducing herself, you would be shocked.

    Long answer: Let's talk about...

    • your company history, products, services and marketing strategy.
    • how you want your new Website to 'greet' visitors.
    • any graphic design, copywriting or content creation needs.
    • the importance of people finding your Website, AKA search engine optimization.
    • how you utilize print advertising to build your brand awareness.
    • what features your Website should have to generate solid sales leads.

    Then I can provide a fair and reasonable quote.

  • Are there any hidden fees - do you charge extra for anything?

    Nope, my quotes are detailed enough that you know exactly what you're paying for.

    Regardless of who you hire or how their fee is structured, you will have to pay for at least three things to get your new Website online.

    • Domain name registration - the address for your new Website, which can be registered for 1 - 10 years.
    • Server for your Website files and your e-mail accounts, typically referred to as Website hosting. This is paid annually.
    • Website development and design. Unless you got some mad coding skills, it's probably best to hire someone to code and design this 24/7 marketing tool. While Website 'D & D' is a one-time fee, many clients later ask for additional features and/or sign up for a Website Maintenance Plan.

    Be mindful of companies offering Website "packages." Ask for details, for example; is Web hosting on a shared system or private server? There's a huge performance difference (and cost), which may affect how your Website performs as features are added and it attracts more visitors.

    Another consideration is ownership - I can make suggestions and guide you through the process of domain registration and sensible Web hosting plans, but only you should pay for these services. I receive my share of phone calls from the friend who let the ex-friend (business partner) pay for the domain registration. That ex-friend still has control of the domain.

  • I have a small shop. What's your opinion on using a free Website builder?

    "Free" anything is always tempting. But if your strategy is to convert a 'free' Website into an obscene amount of money, long term, be careful...

    • Some of these services can only afford the free-model by dumping every Website on shared hosting (the same Web server). Slow loading pages (primarily due to limited bandwidth) is one of the biggest reasons search engines penalize Websites, free or otherwise.
    • Be ready to pass out lots of business cards with your new Website address; "".
    • Read the really fine print before creating an account, especially if you're required to add a credit card - some plans will silently auto-bill you for another year when the "limited trial" expires.
    • Changed your mind? Moving your content to a dedicated Web server may be difficult or impossible - rightfully no free Website builder wants you to leave, so an export feature may not be available. In that case you're stuck there, or expect to pay a Website developer several hundred dollars or more to migrate your data to a dedicated server.
    • How do free Website builders make money? Advertising! If you don't pay for something, you will likely become the product through a "built with..." banner at the top of your Website, your e-mail address, home address, phone number and Website address sold to advertisers, with their ads appearing on your 'free' Website, etc.

    For small shops (mom & pop) it's even more important to think outside the box, doing everything possible to make your Website unique. Free Website builders wil give you every wiz-bang option to 'drag-n-drop' onto a page. Just don't go crazy with that bouncing text you think looks really cool - it might instead destroy your credibility with every visitor who sees it as a goofy gimmick. Remember, this might be the first (or last) impression a visitor has about your whole business.

    50% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years. You should do everything possible to stay off that list.

  • Can you proof my text before adding it to my Website?

    Absolutely! I offer Copywriting as a service, but would need to see your copy before providing a quote. This service includes grammar, sentence structure and readability improvements.

    Ideally this is done in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization, to improve the readability and keyword density of your pages.

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