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Don't Get a Website. Get an awesome Website!

As competition grows exponentially, your business will lean more on a Website to tell potential customers, "Hey, my stuff is better!" Getting that message across is kind of difficult with a DIY or overused Website template. I deliver Awesome Website Design by building from scratch - you get a 100% unique online presence with best in standard features that can be expanded on.

Designing, Building, Hosting or Naming it...
Let's talk about your new Website!

sMART Website Design for Your Business

website design murrieta riverside temecula

The first step is Discovery - we talk ideas, your needs, products, target audience, domain name and hosting. Basically we get an understanding of the project basics and what to expect from each other.

Next I present you with a concept - it may be an illustration or single-page version of the Website. Just something to wrap our eyeballs around.

At this step a live version of the Website is available for you to interact with as a visitor might. Adjustments are made, then we rinse and repeat.

The last step is Deployment - you get some content management and marketing tips, then your new online presence goes live. Now start selling some stuff!

Different business. Different needs.

I have a "Custom Only" policy for all project types, including Website Design. These means no tweaked templates a thousand other companies already use. I prefer to start from scratch, so when we're done there's no doubt you have a unique online presence.

Packages include Basic to Custom, e-Commerce to Online Training. Take a look below then let me know what time is best to talk.

Basic Website Package

web design budget package

Go Basic. Reach Your Customers.

Whether you just set up a mechanic shop or flower shop, you need a quick and efficient way to reach your new customer base. The Basic Package will serve your flourishing business well. We start with a catchy domain name, establish Web hosting, and then build your online presence. The Website landing page displays an attention-grabbing banner ad, some contact information and details about your services.

Optional features can be added as needed.

  • Contact form - make it easier for potential customers to ask questions.
  • Google Map view - pinpointing your location so customers find you quicker than that 'other guy.'
  • Newsletter marketing component - keep subscribers informed about new services and products.
  • e-Commerce and/or Coupon functionality - create incentives to shop again.
  • Testimonial and/or Review page - let everyone know how awesome you are!

This is where most small businesses start. With a comprehensive marketing strategy, your new Website and physical storefront will compliment each other, attracting more customers to both.

Ready to reach all your customers?

Custom Website Packages

web design online training

Create Online Courses. Teach everyone!

Do you have a specialty, such as photography or crafting? Does your company need to train customers about varied and often complex products? Does your organization need to provide compliance training or skill building? The Teach Online Package is a robust solution to satisfy almost any need for an engaging learning experience.

  1. Create courses using content-friendly tools.
  2. Set course timers.
  3. Sell courses for a one-time or subscription fee.
  4. Reward course participants with certificates, points or badges.
  5. Deliver course content based on a pre-defined schedule.
  6. Track participant progress.
  7. Generate useful data reports.
  8. And more!
Ready to start your online courses?
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Sell Stuff. Even while you Sleep.

Regardless of how many products you have, the Storefront Package has the E-commerce components to manage your conversions and sales goals, all in one place. From Home page to Checkout, customize every aspect of your online store, providing customers a unique and frustration-free shopping experience.

  • Physical or Digital products.
  • Product variations.
  • Payment processing.
  • Shipping rates.
  • Sales Tax options.
  • Refund system.
  • Email notifications.
  • Order and Inventory management.
  • Coupons, and more!
Ready to sell your products or services?
web design business budget murrieta riverside

Create Headlines. Add Content. Publish!

You were there and watched it happen. Now what? The Content Management Package takes you from being at an exclusive event to sharing the experience online, even from your phone. Log-in to your Website, create a catchy title, craft an exciting story, place photos from every angle, and make it public.

  • Built-in tools ensure your content looks consistent and properly formatted.
  • Media management for images, videos, even PDF's or text files.
  • No page limit.
  • Powerful enough for Individual or Corporate use.
  • Secure log-in.
  • User management - allow others to contribute content or comment on articles.
  • Become a resource by sharing your experiences, even on the go.

This package is flexible enough for enhanced features, such as Event Planning, Image Galleries, even a Directory of businesses or people.

Ready to make headlines?

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