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Website Maintenance

Because your Website won't magically fix itself

A Lot of Work went into your Website

Don't let this happen!
website maintenance murreita, temecula, riverside
website maintenance cost
Website files & database backup (daily or weekly)
Code patches & updates (Website)
Paid annually $75 month
Basic Plan +
Improve page load times (content & code optimizations)
New page copywriting (2 pages/month)
Graphic Design (2 hour project/month)
Address readability & grammar issues (2 pages/month)
Website files & Database backups (daily or weekly)
Code patches & updates (Website)
Code patches & updates (Server)
Monitor admin log-in page access
Deny suspicious IP access attempts (brute-force attacks)
Harden file directories against hacking
Monitor Website file integrity
Paid annually $190 month
Monthly fees reflect a 20% discount from a per-incident fee

Website Maintenance frequently asked questions

  • My secretary's son knows HTML - I can just call him, right?

    HTML has significantly advanced since the days of being the only method to build a Web page. We now have almost as many coding 'flavors' as Baskin-Robbins; HTML5, PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, and on and on. If your employee (or family member) has the skills to WOW Web-savvy visitors, rank the site higher in search results, and harden it against hack attempts, I say ride that train until it derails! If your Website or server crashes as a result, the fix may cost more than a single annual maintenance plan payment.

    Of course you could chose to simply ignore your Website. Just keep in mind, there's no secret sauce - it will not magically update itself, thwart hackers or help the site rank higher within search engine results. Someone has to manage text and optimize images that appear on a page, someone has to update the codebase and someone has to keep the site and hosting environment secure.

  • It's a Website. Just set-it and forget-it, right?

    If your business relies on a delivery vehicle, how often do you schedule maintenance - every month, once a year or never? Not maintaining your Website is kind of like never changing the oil in that truck - when the engine seizes up, a competitor will happily make those missed deliveries to your old customers.

    "Website Maintenance" is not a gimmick service. Unless you have some coding skills and can manage a Web server, this service is essential to keeping your online presence functioning. Your Website is a 24/7 billboard for your services and products, able to generate substantially more profit than any other type of advertising. Software patches, updates, even the occasional Web server upgrade keeps your Website functioning and secure.

    A Website Maintenance plan can prevent any of the following...

    • Hacked - to spread their messages, prospering underground communities prey on Websites with out-dated code frameworks. After thousands of visitors see the new (and defaced) page, that business brand and credibility is instantly, sometimes permanently, damaged.
    • "Page not found." This standard auto-generated message is displayed when the Web server can't 'find' page content. Most potential customers will simply look elsewhere for that service or product.
    • Search Engine blacklisted - the Website has been flagged by search engines as a security risk, typically due to a non-existent secure socket layer certificate (SSL) or reports of malicious content.

    Any issue is typically corrected within hours.

    Still not convinced? Billions, not millions, of people have mobile access to the Web. If your Website is not properly maintained, chances are high you're losing valuable potential customers to your competitors. And without customers, you're out of business. How much is that worth?

  • So what exactly am I paying for?

    Website Maintenance has two components; "Maintain" and "Manage." Maintain covers the back-end security aspects of a Website, such as backups and code updates. Manage primarily covers content, which is the 'message' you want visitors to see.

    • If your pages contain 'buy-me-now' messages that are confusing due to grammatical and sentence structure issues, professional copywriting can establish much needed legitimacy and make page content easier-to-consume by Humans and search engines.
    • Every page of your Website should do something to convert a reader into a buyer. This typically happens through call-to-action messages. Professional graphic design and slogans are placed prominently to improve product and service visibility.
    • Website framework and Web server updates now happen at least once a month.
    • Your Website was hacked! Regular backups (daily, weekly or monthly) of all Website files and databases ensure a full restore in under an hour.
    • And a lot more!

    Did you updates and security patches are rolled out to your Web server many times a year, and in most cases these require user input to install. Your Web hosting company is not responsible for installing these updates.

    Choose a Website Maintenance Plan that best fits your budget and Website needs.

  • Why should I trust you to work on my Website?

    I know what it's like to hire someone based solely on what they tell me. Not being familiar with a subject, can make it difficult to gauge the validity of the person claiming to be a subject-matter expert.

    I earn a client's trust by maintaining some simple policies.

    • I don't use smoke and mirror techno-talk to give the impression a lot of work needs to be done. If you contact me with a problem, I will troubleshoot the issue usually within an hour.
    • This is also covered in my Privacy Policy - I do not store client log-in credentials. If you hire me to maintain your Website and Web server, create unique log-in credentials. When your Website Maintenance plan expires, delete my account so there's no confusion if an issue later arises. As a rule, you should never share your Website or server log-in credentials with anyone - instead create another account with a lower privilege setting.
    • I fix the problem immediately and move on.

    You already manage other aspects of your business, so hiring someone to manage your Website is one of the best long-term decisions you can make.

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