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It works 24/7 for your business. It doesn't need rest. It just needs to be maintained.

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A lot of work went into your Website

Don't let this happen!

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Content Management

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This business Website was insecure for a staggering 22 days before a potential customer informed the owner by phone!

Should I hire someone to keep my Website update to date?

If your Website is only a few pages of static content, meaning product and service information rarely changes, you likely don't need help. You should at least know how to access and monitor the server your Website sits on - it can be hacked too, and your Web host is not responsible for helping you recover any lost or corrupted data.

If your Website is essential to attracting new customers and retaining existing customers, meaning product and service information is constantly changing, someone really should be managing it.

Why can't my secretary do it?

HTML has significantly advanced since the days of being the only method to build a Web page. We now have almost as many coding 'flavors' as Baskin-Robbins; HTML5, PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, and on and on. If your employee has the skills to create something that will WOW Web-savvy visitors, ride that train until it derails!

Not maintaining your Website is kind of like never changing the oil in your delivery truck - when it breaks down, a competitor will happily make those missed deliveries to your old customers.

If you chose to simply ignore your Website, just keep in mind, there's no secret sauce - your Website will not magically update itself, make content more appealing or thwart hackers. Someone has to manage text and images that appear on a page, someone has to update the codebase and someone has to keep the hosting server secure.

What are the benefits of a Website Maintenance plan?

  • Are your Web pages littered with grammatical and sentence structure issues? Professional copywriting can add much needed legitimacy to your message, making it easier for Humans and search engines to consume.
  • Does every page of your Website have at least one call-to-action? Professional graphic design and slogans can improve product and service visibility.
  • When was the last time your Website framework and hosting server were updated? This now happens at least once a month.
  • Was your Website hacked? Regular backups of all Website files and databases ensure a full restore in under an hour.
  • And a lot more.
Did you updates and security patches are rolled out to your Web server many times a year, and in most cases these require user input to complete. Your Web hosting company is not responsible for installing these updates.

Choose a Website Maintenance Plan below that best fits your budget and Website needs.

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Website Maintenance Plans

The Basic Plan keeps your Website framework up-to-date, with a full backup in the event of hardware failure, a hack and even something as common as accidental content deletion. Content Management, SEO and Optimization services are not included with the Basic Plan.

The Complete Plan is ideal for the busy small business owner who wants all aspects of the Website maintained. Costing far less than hiring a full-time employee, who very likely will have little to no coding or graphic design skills, this Website 'Management' Plan includes copywriting, optimization, backups and more.

Website Maintenance does not include the rebuild/redesign of a Website or a page - this would be a labor-intensive and creative project requiring a separate quote.

Plan monthly fees are based on annual payments and reflect a 20% discount versus month-to-month







/ month


/ month


Full Backup of all Website files & Database (daily or weekly)website maintenance icon includedwebsite maintenance icon included

Content Management

New page Copywriting (2 pages/month)website maintenance icon included
Graphic Design (2 hour project/month)website maintenance icon included
Evaluate and adjust content for readability and grammar (2 pages/month)website maintenance icon included
Businesses with a higher page-count can request a "Custom" quote below

SEO Maintenance

Adjust keyword relevance & density for new page content website maintenance icon included
Identify and correct broken linkswebsite maintenance icon included
Update sitemap(s)website maintenance icon included
Create and Update Social Network Profile Banners/Photoswebsite maintenance icon included


Reduce page load timeswebsite maintenance icon included
Test Lead Generation formswebsite maintenance icon included


Monitor Admin log-in page accesswebsite maintenance icon included
Deny suspicious IP access attemptswebsite maintenance icon included
Website file integrity monitoringwebsite maintenance icon included
Apply code patches and updates (Website)website maintenance icon includedwebsite maintenance icon included
Apply code patches and updates (server)website maintenance icon included

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